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Contract Purchase

Contract Purchase is similar to Contract Hire in the fact that you pay a deposit and continue to pay for the vehicle in monthly instalments, it differs as a product by offering your organisation an option to keep or return a vehicle at the end of its contract. If you decide to keep the vehicle your organisation has the option to purchase the vehicle at a pre-determined price (known as a “balloon payment”).


  • Contract purchase monthly instalments are not subject to VAT.
  • You can include the vehicles on your balance sheet as an asset.
  • The vehicle value can be written down against taxable profits.


Contract Purchase

"Not just a feeling but the knowledge that we are being looked after by the Lookers team"

Using Lookers Leasing means the level of administration required from ourselves is minimal, and for a small to medium company this is extremely important to us.

The quality of the service is excellent. We have a great relationship with not only the sales but with the service and contracts side of Lookers.  The need to contact these guys is very rare but when we do, they are straight on the ball.

Transport Manager

Computing solutions customer

"Reduced end of contract charges, reduced downtime, reduced phone time and easier booking of repairs"

We love Lookers ability to tailor their offerings to suit us, competitive rates with no hidden charges, the Litelease scheme (which has proven invaluable), all members of staff are helpful and do what they say they will and their regular status reporting.

We are pleasantly surprised that Lookers Leasing, although a relatively smaller provider, can offer the same services as the bigger providers but in a much better way especially with regard to a high quality customer service.

Transport Manager

Care Home Group

"We are not just another customer to Lookers Leasing – there is a personal touch to their service"

Lookers Leasing have very low end of contract charges, their contract hire rates are always competitive and they have a very high standard of service. All of these are essential to us.

The Lookers Leasing admin team is efficient and we do not have to wait long for quotes to be sent through once requested, nor order confirmations to be sent once the orders have been awarded. In fact, their customer service now is as good as it was when we first started using them 10 years ago!

Fleet Manager

Nationwide Courier Company

"Dealing with Lookers makes the whole process of leasing vehicles a lot more efficient"

As a business operating a 24-hour response service, it is essential that we have a vehicle fleet that is both reliable and well maintained as we can't risk letting customers down by having a vehicle off the road.

We chose Lookers Leasing as they were a well-known brand with an excellent reputation for service.

Dealing with Lookers makes the whole process of leasing vehicles a lot more efficient. They take the stress out of the whole process. We have used maintenance and accident assistance services and have always had excellent service. Dealing with Lookers makes the whole process of leasing vehicles as easy as it can be, from the quoting stage to delivery. They ensure that vehicles being returned are transitioned with vehicles being delivered so that our workforce are able to get on with their job with the minimum disruption.

The customer service is second to none. Our account manager is the consummate professional and is in regular contact to ensure that there are no issues with the fleet that need dealing with.

Finance Director

Fire and Security Company

"All members of staff and departments in Lookers provide an exceptional service"

Lookers have produced some very competitive quotes and have kept drivers happy by providing efficient assistance when needed.

Our queries are always answered quickly, and staff are always happy to help, even if it’s just a case of giving advice.

I like being able to speak to a specific individual depending on the query, rather than getting through to a call centre and not knowing who is going to be on the other end of the phone.

Should the opportunity arise I would definitely recommend Lookers Leasing.

Fleet Manager

Global Construction Company

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