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Business Vehicle Leasing & Fleet Management

Lookers Leasing has been providing business lease vehicles since 2005, giving us the experience and expertise to provide you with a cohesive, knowledgeable service to suit your specific needs

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Business Vehicle Leasing & Fleet Management

Public sector customers

We are proud to work with the Public Sector

Find out more about our Public Sector offering and why we're one of the best in the field


Short term lease

Litelease from Lookers Leasing

Need a car that's available now on a short term lease? 

Salary Sacrifice

a great scheme, without limits

we have the only solution in the market that offers complete scheme, benefit, car and driver administration services, plus full support for you and your team.

Welcome to the Future

At Lookers Leasing we are leading the switch to electric. Find out more here

Welcome to the Future

Car Accessories

Shop for Car Accessories

Order through our car accessories shop and get a 10% discount!

Welcome to Lookers Leasing

Lookers Leasing offer a range of vehicle funding and management packages, tailored specifically to our customers needs. Our contract hire, fleet management and commercial vehicle services are valued by numerous businesses across the UK.

In every case, our business leasing vehicle and fleet management services, are developed through the personal contact and continued relations with our customers

Welcome to the future

If you’re looking to migrate your fleet from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles (EV), not only are you doing your bit for the planet, but you and your organisation can also benefit

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A little bit about Lookers Leasing

Lookers Leasing has been providing leasing and fleet management services since 2006. It has since grown to be an established FN50 leasing company with a wide customer base of both corporate and public sector clients. Offering all brands and models to anywhere in the UK working with any size of organisation.

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