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Fuel Cards

It is a legal requirement to accurately record your drivers business and private mileage. If your current solution falls foul of an HMRC investigation, it could mean a demand for unpaid taxes and a penalty. This could be as much as £6,000 per driver/per year – going back as much as six years.

Fuel Cards provide ways of reducing and maximising control of fuel costs, whilst retaining driver convenience, with access to an extensive network of fuel sites.

With some of the most sophisticated control and reporting tools available, this is a great choice for any business looking to consolidate their fuel requirements.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced administration
  • Eliminate the need for receipts, when taken in conjunction with ‘Business Mileage Monitor’
  • Greater control over which products are purchased
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for cash and or corporate credit cards
  • HMRC approved VAT invoices
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