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Lookers Leasing are able to offer a selection of previously used low mileage vehicles for re-lease on contracts from as short as 12 months. These vehicles are specially selected taking into consideration age, mileage, condition and reliability. All Re-Lease vehicles would have the same high quality back up as any other Lookers Leasing vehicle.

These vehicles are generally less than 18 months old and have less than 20,000 recorded miles. They are sourced from our extensive Lookers group resources. All vehicles offered for Re-Lease are fully prepared and maintained to the highest standard.

Benefits of Re-Lease Business cars

Because these vehicles have been previously registered and used they have already benefited from the initial new vehicle depreciation. This means we are able to offer them on contract at significant monthly savings when compared with a similar brand new vehicle. All other aspects of the contract would be the same as if you had taken a brand new vehicle. Full maintenance is available as an option which gives that extra peace of mind.