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Care of your Vehicle

Driver safety is of paramount importance to us at Lookers Leasing. Therefore we urge you to complete routine maintenance checks on your vehicle as recommended in the manufacturer’s handbook. These include:

  1. Tyre pressures. Please check when cold and at least once a fortnight
  2. Tread depths. All tyres, including the spare. Ensure tyre wear is even across the width of the tyres and there is no visible damage
  3. Oil / fluid levels. Check and top up engine oil, brake and clutch fluid and automatic transmission fluid levels
  4. Water levels. Check and top up coolant and washer bottle levels
  5. Wiper blades. Check wiper blade inserts for wear or damage. Ensure they are clearing the windscreen
  6. Cleanliness and working order of lights / horn

Remember a routine check only takes a few minutes and your safety could depend upon it.